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Psychometric Assessment and Diagnostic Services

What are the SCMBH 
Assessment Tiers?

A needs driven approach to completing client assessment...

At Surf Coast Mind Body Health we implement a Tiered Structure to our Psychometric Assessment. Our three Assessment Tiers are designed to meet the specific requirements of the client while also ensuring clients complete and are only billed for necessary assessment measures. We derive the assigned Tier from what the assessment plan includes, and the estimated clinician hours required. The Tier cost will include both client contact and report writing hours.

We believe a Tiered Assessment Structure increases accessibility and allows clients to build an assessment plan according to their needs. This structure allows clients to go up a Tier on an as-needed basis, as opposed to completing unnecessary assessment that adds to client burden (i.e., financial, time and effort demands).

All Tiers are structured to include –

  1. Initial Intake and Clinical Interview Consultation – e.g., Parent/Caregiver/Client Interview, Relevant Background/History, Assessment Requirements and Plan.

  2. Client Assessment – e.g., in-clinic client assessment session/s, forms provided for completion by relevant parties (e.g., parent/caregiver/partner/teacher forms completed), client observation.

  3. Formulation, Feedback, Recommendations and Report – Client centered feedback consultation regarding assessment outcomes and recommendations by clinician and review of draft report for any edits prior to provision of a final version.


Assessment Tiers



A Tier 1 assessment package would include a singular assessment.

Tier 1 includes singular assessment measure may be used to inform the client’s individual treatment plan (e.g., areas of difference), indicate for the client if further assessment is required (e.g., a comprehensive assessment to facilitate NDIS funding), or assist with unique personal insight and self-development (e.g., personality assessment).

Tier 1 – up to 5hrs

est. $600 – 1000



A Tier 2 assessment package would include more than one assessment.


Tier 2 may include an assessment package that includes a cognitive assessment (commonly known as an IQ assessment – e.g., WISC-V) along with a complete or partial educational assessment (commonly referred to as a learning assessment – e.g., WIAT-III). A functional behaviour assessment (FBA) and behaviour support plan would also be included in Tier 2.

Tier 2 – 5+ hrs up to 10 hrs

est. $1200 – 1800


A Tier 3 assessment package would include a comprehensive assessment with multiple measures.


Tier 3 includes several measures and/or assessments to meet client requirements. This may include measures for diagnostic assessment (e.g., ADOS-2, MIGDAS), behaviour rating scales and/or adaptive functioning scales, cognitive assessment, educational assessment and observation. A comprehensive assessment package, such as our Tier 3, may be used to facilitate NDIA applications for funding.

Tier 3 – Greater than 10hrs

est. $2000 - $2500+

Tiers are priced individually according to the time commitment of the clinician and required hours for completion of assessment, observation (if applicable) and report writing.

Note. At times additional services may be required, such as an Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist. These are to be arranged and paid for separate to assessment – SCMBH support will be available in the form of recommendation and/or referral.


  • Cognitive Assessment to determine intellectual functioning (e.g., thinking, reasoning, attention, and memory) or giftedness through Weschler assessment (i.e., WAIS-IV, WISC-V).

  • Cognitive assessment in conjunct with adaptive functioning assessment for investigation of intellectual disability.

  • Assessment to support investigation and diagnosis of learning difficulties, such as a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) – commonly referred to as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. This will include a cognitive assessment along with an achievement test, such as the WIAT-III. Assessment of a SLD involves more time to complete as the client completes two standardised assessments over two in-clinic consultations. SLD will also potentially include observation at the education setting.

  • Assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through interviews, observations, assessment and standardised questionnaires, i.e., cognitive assessment, observation in the education setting, standardised questionnaires to investigate behaviour, social abilities and executive functioning. Note. SCMBH cannot support pharmacology - a paediatrician or psychiatrist must be accessed for medication requirements

  • Autism assessment and diagnostic support using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (2nd edition) or MIGDAS and other required measures (e.g. CARS-2/SRS)

  • Memory testing – via the Wechsler Memory Scale (WMS-IV). The WMS-IV is used as a comprehensive tool for assessing different memory functions, such as verbal, visual, working, and recognition memory.

To enquire around our Assessment Tiers please send a contact below which includes client details (e.g. DOB - for test allocation) and details of your requirements.

One of our assessment team will be in touch to discuss further.

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