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Providing Psychology and Allied Services Across the Lifespan

We are pleased to now have Full Time Administration Support Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm


Please Note. Our Phone line may not always be ACTIVE within the listed Admin hours.

We are readily available via email or our GET IN TOUCH section if phone is not ACTIVE.

Our - 


"It's all in the mind."

- George Harrison

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding a well state. Our philosophy at Surf Coast Mind Body Health centres around supporting clients in the pursuit of what their own ideal for wellness looks like. We aim to provide this support and scaffolding, while tailoring the therapeutic engagement to the needs and goals of each individual.


At Surf Coast Mind Body Health we understand this process will look different for each client. Our clinicians aim to provide an empathetic and informed approach that works to understand each client’s own unique experience. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can work towards improved coping, management of emotional distress, problem solving and the facilitation of behavioural change. Our focus is on the improved mental health and overall wellbeing of our clients, whatever that may look like to you. Our space is a collective of psychology and allied services clinicians working toward the creation of a wellness setting where clients can access individual and group services to support their wellness ideals. 

At Surf Coast Mind Body Health we provide services across the lifespan, from children to older adults. We can support our clients with:

                - Individual intervention

                - Psychometric assessment

                   (Inc. Cognitive/Educational assessment) 

                - Diagnosis and Diagnostic Reports

                - Relationship Therapy

                - Group work 

Please get in touch to see if we can provide a service for your needs. 




Surf Coast Mind Body Health is Privately Billing - Meaning all clients can expect to pay an OUT OF POCKET GAP for all consultations, pending referral type.


Medicare subsidises consult fees with a Valid GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. Full payment of the consult fee is expected on the day, with the Medicare rebate returned in 24-48hrs (processed by SCMBH).  

Concessions are applied at the Clinician Discretion. Clients should prepare to pay the full fee notified upon booking, prior to discussing any concessions with your clinician directly.



If engagement is via a new GP MHTP - Your GP will forward your plan to our clinic directly.


Our administrative team will triage all new referrals with our clinicians once they have been received from your GP, before proceeding to make contact.


Please allow 5 business days from receipt of your referral for contact. 

If you would like to make a general enquiry around engagement, and have not yet received a referral or are through a different referral stream - please use the GET IN TOUCH form below.


All clients have a direct line of communication to their clinician through the text messaging service - simply reply directly to any appt reminder text or text correspondence received from SCMBH and your clinician and/or our team can respond.


The SCMBH Admin Team are often more readily available via EMAIL or TEXT as opposed to via phone. Our team cannot always answer calls, with in clinic operations prioritised over calls. Additionally, our phone lines are not always active during peak hours of operation. We kindly request if you cannot reach us via our phone line, please utilise email or the text messaging service.


Reminder messages are sent 48 HOURS prior to the scheduled consultation.

SCMBH considers any cancellation the DAY PRIOR to consult as a Late Cancellation (LC). 


Any cancellation made on the DAY OF of consult or Non Attendance is considered a NO SHOW (DNA).


Fees for each instance (LC/DNA) may vary. Cancellation Fees are applied applied at Clinician Discretion.


Did you know all SCMBH Clients have access to our Online Client Portal?

You can register to the Client Portal through one of the "Book Online With" Buttons under your clinicians' bio or via direct link (just ask us).

Please use the email you have registered with the Clinic and this will automatically link your profile to our practice management software.

From the Client Portal you can

VIEW | BOOK | CANCEL appointments and also view or download your INVOICES.


The SCMBH Team kindly requests all visitors to the clinic consider the Waiting Area as a Quiet Space for clients to wait for their upcoming appointments.


If you are a Parent, Family Member or Other Party waiting for a client who is in consult – you are free to leave and return after the 50min duration. There is a café and waiting space downstairs. Our team will gladly notify you at consult completion.

Surf Coast Mind Body Health Introduces


Lyf Support is a TEXT MESSAGING CHAT SERVICE provided by a team of fully qualified Psychologists who are available via the app 24/7. The service is not designed to replace your SCMBH clinician, but provide support between consults or outside of your clinician's available hours - e.g., Insomnia strikes at 2am and need some support? Anxiety creeps in on the weekend and need some support? Running out of rebates and need some support across your spaced- out in person consults? Take a look at Lyf Support as a service available between your in person consults with your clinician. You'll receive immediate responses, help and advice from a qualified professional - anytime you need them.

The SCMBH integrated version includes a toggle where you can provide consent for your transcript to be forwarded directly to your SCMBH clinician to review in your next consult. 

Scan the QR Code above to Download the SCMBH Integrated Lyf Support App to try now.Your first session is free and subsequent 30min session blocks are $29.99 each.

Find out more via

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  • Internet Page

We are pleased to announce....



is coming to Surf Coast Mind Body Health during the 2nd School Term2024

Our Clinician EMMA MAHONEY will be running the first course of the 6 week group program -

Commencing WEDNESDAYS between 6PM - 8PM (2hrs)

from Wednesday May 15th thru Wednesday June 26th (exc. 19/06), 2024  

If you are a Parent or Caregiver interested in joining our initial course (Max 16 people) please contact our Admin Team to find out further details, fees and to Register. Once full - SCMBH will release second course dates. 

Sandy Beach


Tel. 03 9068 3228                              Fax. 03 4216 6888

Administration Hours - Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Please Note. Monday Phone Hours from 11am and ADMIN HOURS MAY VARY.

Our Phone line may not always be ACTIVE within the listed Admin hours.

We are readily available via email or GET IN TOUCH below if phone is not ACTIVE.

Clinician Hours Vary

We’ll get back to you shortly

Thanks for submitting!

In an Emergency, please contact the Australian Emergency Services via 000

For support outside of standard business hours, please reach out to LifeLine on 13 11 14

Locally, the Barwon Health Mental Health Access Team is a 24hr Mental Health Triage Service for people who may have a complex or serious mental disorder and are in a crisis

For Enquiries and Referrals call 1300 094 187

Beyond Blue is a wonderful resource - with online support and a plethora of information.

Take a look at

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